Whether your home is heated by a forced-air furnace, an oil-fired gravity furnace, electric radiant heaters, a heat pump, or some other means, the key to affordable comfort is making sure that you have an efficient system that’s operating properly. Older, inefficient heating systems—or improperly maintained equipment—can waste a tremendous amount of energy.

Moeheatingcooling.ca will guide you through buying new heating equipment, installing certain types of appliances and materials that affect your home’s heating, repairing problems with furnaces, and basic maintenance.

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When buying a new furnace, it is critically important to choose a model that will heat your home quickly, completely, and efficiently. To do this, you will need to understand the various types available, how efficiency is rated, and how to choose just the right size—one that it isn’t so large that it wastes energy but is large enough to heat your home sufficiently. For buying a new high efficiency furnace, please contact us .

In an area like southern Ontario, having a quality heating system is essential. If your heating bills are suddenly unusually high, or if you’re cranking up the thermostat to no avail, it may be time to replace or repair your furnace or boiler. At MOE heating cooling, we provide installation, replacement, and repair services for furnaces, furnace systems, and boilers, so you can have a cozy and comfortable winter. We serve both residential and commercial clients for your convenience.


We rarely give much thought to our heating system… Until it fails. Instead, we simply expect a continuous supply of heat and hot water, almost as if by magic.

When a boiler does break down, though, the resulting chaos can cause us to wonder how we ever took such an essential item in our home for granted. Boiler breakdowns are almost always an expensive nuisance, and the vast majority of these issues occur during winter — right when Canadian need heat the most!

Common problems that can occur include baseboard radiators not getting hot; boilers improperly switching off; condensate pipes freezing; decreases in necessary pressure; messy, dripping fluids; pilot lights going out; and strange sounds like banging and rumbling.

An improperly-sized boiler can also lead to heating issues down the road. In years past, many homes were fitted with oversized boilers that are now out-of-date, resulting in higher energy costs and unreliable heating.

The good news, though, is that this considerable strain to your heating system and your loved ones is usually avoidable with a little planning and preventative maintenance. And, when issues do arise, Moe heating & cooling is here to help.

Heating Maintenance

The lifespan of your boiler largely depends on how well it has been maintained. With regular inspections and tune-ups, you can expect your unit can last up to 15 years.

A boiler that isn’t properly maintained could fail completely, and will almost certainly run less efficiently and cause an increase in your energy bills. Remember: Not maintaining your home is not free. The inevitable problems always cost more in the long run, and decrease the value of your home along the way.

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