Your HVAC Checklist For 2022 | Kitchener ON

Your HVAC Checklist For 2022 | Kitchener ON

Air conditioning and heat are two important services around the world. According to the U.S. Census Bureau and the American Housing Survey, 65% of households had central air conditioning, while only 22% had room or window units. Since HVAC systems are so widespread, it stands to reason that their maintenance is crucial. Here’s what you need to know.

Preventative Maintenance

The first step in keeping your HVAC system in fighting shape is preventative maintenance. These tasks need to be performed on a regular basis — usually once or twice every year — in order to prevent any major HVAC issues from occurring. Preventative maintenance includes tasks like inspection, duct cleaning, and more. Some factors that may influence how often you need to perform preventative maintenance include:

  • The general condition of your HVAC system
  • Your HVAC system age
  • Size of your system
  • The brand
  • Where you reside

Warm Weather Maintenance Check

One of the best times to perform HVAC maintenance is during the spring. This will help you prepare your AC system for the summer heat and wind down your heating system. Some of the key maintenance tasks that should be performed during a spring checkup include:

  • Clean coils and condensers
  • Replace filters
  • Clean drain lines and cogs to ensure proper flow
  • Replace old belts and pulleys
  • Check for dust, debris, or mold in the ductwork.
  • Check thermostats and controls to make sure they’re set properly.
  • Examine the refrigerant charge and any potential leaks.
  • Examine all of the connections as well as the electrical system.
  • Replace the batteries if necessary.
  • Maintain proper airflow by inspecting the blades and blowers.
  • Check to see if the fan motor is working properly.
  • Examine all of the connections as well as the electrical system.
  • Any moving parts should be lubricated.
  • Ascertain that the HVAC box door is properly shut.
  • If the unit is outside, clear the surrounding area of any debris.
  • Look for leaks in the HVAC cabinet.

Cold Weather Checklist

The other most common time of year to check your HVAC system is during the fall. Doing so will make sure that your heating system is functioning properly and ready to warm your home throughout the winter. Some important tasks to perform during a fall maintenance checkup include:

  • Filters should be replaced every one to three months.
  • Examine the heating elements or the heat exchanger thoroughly. Carbon monoxide problems could arise if these were damaged.
  • Make that the ignition burner assembly is in good working order.
  • The technician will check for gas leaks if you have a gas furnace.
  • Examine the flue system to ensure it is securely connected to the furnace.
  • To avoid overflows, clear drain lines and pans of standing water.
  • Checking for gas pressure is also necessary.
  • Belts and pulleys that are frayed should be replaced.
  • Make sure the thermostats and controllers are adjusted to the proper temperatures.
  • Make that the wiring and electrical connections are in good working order.
  • All moving parts, such as bearings and motors, should be lubricated.
  • Examine the heat pump.

By sticking to your HVAC checklist you will not only save energy, but your HVAC system will last much longer. If you’re in need of an HVAC inspection or have more questions about maintenance, don’t hesitate to contact our team today.

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